14 June 2012

The best electronic logistic hubs in Eastern Europe

Electronics manufacturing requires a strong logistic support, to organize the supply chain as cost-effective as possible. The Eastern European electronics industry is served from some matured and some emerging hubs.


 M0 Motorway, Hungary

Budapest. The main logistic hub of Hungary (and maybe Eastern Europe) is Budapest. The M0 Motorway around the City is not a bypass only, but the location of several logistic parks and warehousing companies, developing ~3 million sq.meters (approx. 32 million sq.feet) industrial and logistic facilities. The US-based Prologis is the market-leader service provider in Hungary, and has almost 500k sq.meter (~5,3 million sq.feet) warehousing spaces in more logistic parks along the M0.

 Delivery times from Polgar

Polgar. The emerging hub of Polgar Industrial Park is located directly at the Polgar-exit of M3 motorway. The Polgar Industrial Park provides a north-south (Poland to Romania) and east-west (Ukraine to Western Europe) delivery routes, 3 borders (Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania) can be reached in 90-120 minutes by truck. The Industrial Park of the Year has a logistic program, including 120k sq.meter (1.3 million sq.feet) industrial and logistic hall development for the next 5-10 years. Subsidized rental fees are under 3€/sq.meter/month (under 3.3€/sq.feet/year).
More electronics companies has located its logistics support to Polgar. Jabil Curcuit, the leading US-based EMS provider, has its hub and consignation storages in Polgar Industrial Park. The storages on 5k sq.m support the manufacturing units in Ukraine and Hungary.


Poland's logistics map 2012

The polish logistic market is devided in 3 parts: the Sector I is the City of Warsaw, Sector II are the logistics parks around Warsaw, and Sector III are the logistic locations outside Warsaw. Although the Warsaw-sectors with ~2,5 million sq.meters are the largest logistics sites of Poland, the electronics industry are supported mainly from smaller hubs, like Lodz, Poznan, Krakow and Wroclaw. Average rental fees are between 3-3.5 €/sq.meter/month.

Lodz. Lodz is located in the cross-road of north-east A1 motorway and the east-west A2 motorway, in the Lodz-Poznan-Bydgoszcz electronic manufacturing triangle. More logistics-focused facilities provides A-class warehouses for electronics industry on 1 million sq.meters. The Goodman Lodz Logistic Centre has 27k sq.m total size, and the Logistic City in Piotrkow (Lodz Metro Area, closed to Lodz International Airport) with its 450k sq.m is one of the largest facility in Poland.
Wroclaw. Wroclaw (or its old German name: Breslau) is located in the South-Western corner of Poland, called 'Silesia', at the A4 motorway. It is a well known manufacturing centre with electronics companies such as Whirlpool, LG Philips, Siemens and many others. One of the leading service provider is Panattoni Logistics Park.

Czech Republic

 Czech logistic market 2012

Just like the Czech electronics industry, the electronics logistics is focused in two hubs: the capital city Prague and the 2nd largest city, Brno. These cities have strong transportation connections, developed industrial/logistics real estate markets and supportive authorithies.

Prague. The logistic centres around Prague are available for 2.5-4.5€/sq.meter/month (2.8-5€/sq.feet/year) rental fees. The Airport Logistic Park has a 56,000 sqm hall development in the surrounding of Prague International Airport.
Brno. Brno, the second largest city of the country is also the centre of electronics manufacturing industry, representing companies like Acer, Honeywell or Siemens. The city provides good infrastructure, strong technical education - and at last but not least an excellent logistic support. The CEE market leader Prologis will launch soon a brand new development called Prologis Logistic Park Brno on 90,000 sq.meter


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