16 April 2012

Motorway networks in Central- and Eastern Europe

Developing infrastructure makes Central- and Eastern Europe more attractive location than other emerging countries of the world.

 EU motorways 2011

The European Union has a vision about the cross-European transportation, called Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The goal of TEN-T developments (funded by EU) is to make the EU internal market more competitive and to speed up the market access. The developments of member states fit into this framework, including the low-cost CEE Region.


The Polish motorway system is traditionally underdeveloped compared to other CEE countries. The European Football Championship 2012 will change dramaticly this picture, in 2015 there will be complete east-west and north-south motorway corridors in Poland.
The current develepments are focusing on Warsaw-Berlin motorway, involving Chinese companies, as this short video shows:


The most important one of the three Slovakian motorways is called D1 Motorway, starting from the capital city Bratislava, and directing Eastern Slovakia and Ukraine. Some part of this motorway is under construction, the Ukrainian border is planned to reach in 2020.

 Motorways Slovakia

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has one of the most developed motorway network in Central- and Eastern Europe. It's reached all the neighboring countries, and has two main hubs: Prague and Brno are the poles of the network.

 Motorways Czech Republic


 Hungarian motorways

The 1400 km long Hungarian motorway system is the most wide-spread network in CEE. Hungary has 7 neighboring countries, and almost all these countries can be reached via motorway (Romania and Ukraine will be reached in 2015). TEN-T corridors from the north to south (Slovakia to Romania) and from the west to east (from Italy to Ukraine) are crossing each other in the region of Polgar Industrial Park.


 Romanian motorways

Romania, with its ~300 km motorway and its week quality road network, has a modest logistics potential. However, the large-scale motorway developments are in process, the total network (above) is planned to finish in 2016.