31 January 2012

The Polgár Industrial Park was the best in 2011

In recognition of the efforts exerted by the industrial park and the local government in the field of investment promotion, the Polgár Industrial Park won the Best Industrial Park award. The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) bestowed the so-called Investor of the Year Award on companies that extraordinarily contributed to the development of the Hungarian economy in 2011. The award was vouchsafed in six categories in the Upper House of the Parliament on 26 January 2012.

The Best Industrial Park award was bestowed on the Polgár Industrial Park for its efforts exerted to promote investments. In cooperation with the local government, Polgár-Invest Kft. (that is the member of the InfoGroup real estate and property development corporate group) in charge of operating the industrial park entered inter alia investor-friendly measures into effect, such as the reform of the vocational training in accordance with the investors’ demands or the prioritized licensing and other administrative management of the settlers. By this award, the operator of the industrial park was recognised as similarly as the local government of the town of Polgár that collected the title of Investor-friendly Local Government in 2009. 
Jabil Circuit warehouse in Polgár Industrial Park

As a consequence of the close cooperation of the privately owned operator and the local government, the Polgár Industrial Park could welcome many new settlers in 2011. Having been recognised for creating jobs, Jabil Circuit installed its 4,000 m2 business domicile here which satisfies the demands of its plants, each built in Eastern Hungary and in Ukraine, and which renders full warehousing and customs clearance services. As a newcomer logistics service provider, Toyota Tsusho will perform the international logistics processes of one of the largest multinational corporations manufacturing household appliances in its first, 6,000 m2 business domicile that is built in Hungary. Delta-Truck, which distributes Renault trucks, purchased its industrial property here in 2011, and the Gyermely pasta plant constructed its 2,000 m2 regional distribution centre here.    
Investors that require prompt plant installation stand in the centre of the focused business development strategy of InfoGroup that is in charge of developing the Polgár Industrial Park. The company offers its self-developed light industrial and warehousing halls, which can be installed just within 4 to 5 months, for these investors. The foundation of the foregoing has been implemented by the stable bank financing background, the erection licenses obtained in advance, and the project management know-how that has a history of two decades. 
Hungarian Investment Trade Agency and Investor of the Year Award Winners (AGCO, Jabil Circuit, Audi Motors Hungary, Bosch, Mylan and Polgár Industrial Park)

Being frequently accorded since 2004, the Investor of the Year Award was conferred this year to recognise the remarkably performing companies during the period of the economical global crisis. Mylan carried out the largest green field investment of 2011 in the city of Komárom (EUR 60 million), Audi Hungária Motor Kft., which was awarded in the previous years as well, implemented the largest volume expansion by the expansion of its pressing plant in the city of Győr (EUR 300 million). As regards creating new jobs, Jabil Circuit Magyarország Kft. was proven the most effective with an increase of 670 in the headcount of its corporate personnel. The Shared Service Center of the agricultural machinery manufacturing AGCO established in Budapest and employing corporate personnel of 170 acquired the title of the largest new regional service centre, while the exemplary activity of Bosch conducted with universities and research institutes was recognised in the field of R+D cooperation.

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